E-ARCHIVE: Final Newsletter summs up Project achievements
The Project “Cross Border E-archive” (E-ARCHIVE) has introduced the final issue of their Project Newsletter. At the very end of two years challenging journey and before crossing the project finish line project partners look at what they have achieved from February to June 2014.

“It was a very active and productive time that allowed us to finalize most of the project activities and launch the online platform – a new virtual archive, where users at all levels and geographic locations are able to make connections between their personal lives, histories and their shared cultural heritage.

We have actively promoted the project in a wide range of communication channels and took part in many international and national events, like two high level conferences in March hosted in Athens, Greece by the Hellenic presidency of the EU, an international workshop on digital curation, organised by LIBER in Vienna, Austria on 19-20 May and the Annual Event of the ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation programme in Gatchina, Russia on 3-4 June. Furthermore, two international conferences were organized in the framework of the project – conference “Global Experience in Digital Archives Development” devoted to unification of Russian and European standards of digitizing in St. Petersburg, Russia on 31 March – 1 April, and the closing conference of the project “Digital Archives and Historical Cross Border Heritage” in Riga, Latvia on 19-20 June, which gathered a wide range of stakeholders for a dialog about topics related to preservation of the cultural cross border heritage and digitalization in memory institutions. Besides, the final session of the steering group of the project was organised in Riga, Latvia on 24-25 February to review project’s results and its achievements, as well as to determine the functionality and sustainability of the newly developed online platform and the scope and vision of the future collaboration.

It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown by. I am truly happy and proud for this platform finally being up and running after two years of hard work. People of the cross border area will now have a unique access to the shared history and culture in their native languages and English, it will save both time and money for researchers and other target groups. Moreover, this experience developed much stronger cooperation between all involved stakeholders, which I believe is an important achievement and opens the door for future cooperation possibilities. I hope that many people will gain from this valuable tool and future”

Editorial of the Newsletter by Indra Auzane, Project manager.

Learn more from the full text of the Newsletter about:
- International conference that marked conclusion of the project “Cross Border E-archive”;
- New online portal “Cross Border E-archive”;
- Representation of the project in national and international events;
- International conference on unification of Russian and European standards of digitalization in St. Petersburg;
- Project’s promotional materials;
- Closing reception of the Project in the Jurmala Open Air museum.

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