Cross border cooperation provides new opportunities for children in near border areas
Over 10 000 children are benefiting from the cooperation among Estonia, Latvia and Russia in the frame of the cross border cooperation. New playgrounds, new nature education centres and joint sports and cultural events involve children in free time and educative activities and international workshops provide new skills in photography, energy efficiency and traffic safety. Participants of at least 24 out of 50 cross border cooperation projects supported by the programme are children and this year the focus of the programme activities is directed to sum-up intermediate results of this support. Please find information sheet with all projects that are directly or partly related to children.

In Latvia alone there are 19 places where children are benefitting from cooperation projects with the financial support of the programme. In Latgale Region these are - Rēzekne, Dagda, Daugavpils, Līvāni, Viļāni, Kārsava, Krāslava, Lipuški, Malnava, Preiļi, Ilūkste, in Vidzeme region –Valka, Valmiera, Smiltene, in Pierīga - Sigulda, Līgatne, Salacgrīva, Ķemeriand also Rīga.

Estonia 9 places - Avinurme, Tartu, Narva, Voru, Meremae, Poltsamaa, Johvi, Valga, Rouge.

16 places in Russia - Vyborg, Pskov, Pechory, Ostrov, Palkino, Sebezh, Novoe Devyatkino, Shlisselburg, Kingisepp, Porhov, St.Petersburg, Volhov, Gatchina, Krasnogordsk, Pytalovo, Gdov.

On 3-4 June, in Gatchina, Russia following the topical theme of Leningrad Oblast in 2014 – „Year of Childhood”, Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC programme is going to hold its Annual Event “Joint solutions for the benefit of Estonia-Latvia-Russia border regions” with several presentations of successful cooperation projects, as well through visual exhibition „Children in projects focus”. 

Please find enclosed the Agenda and on-line registration is opened till 15 May 2014. Working language of the event is English. Translation to Estonian, Latvian and Russian will be provided. Transfer buses from St.Petersburg and from Pskov will depart on 3 June and 4 June, 2014.

Additional information in Branch Offices:

Vladimir Skorokhodov: – overall organization of the Annual Event;

Sergey Balanev: – transport from St.Petersburg;

Anna Filatova: – exhibition of projects and transport from Pskov.

We look forward to seeing you in Gatchina!