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Cross border cooperation - sucessful tool for socio-economic development in Estonia, Latvia and Russia

On 10th June in Sigulda the Conference „Support to the Cross Border Cultural and Active Tourism in Latvia, Estonia and Russia” gathered around 220 tourism officials and interesents, representatives of the Programme management and Project partners from Pskov Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, St. Petersburg, Latgale, Vidzeme, Pierīga and Rīga, as well from South, North and East Estonia.

Sustainability of the socio-economic development of the Programme territory was mentioned in many speeches and presentations and the role of the Programme to reach this aim was outlined by the Head of the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme Ms Dace Grūberte. 

Prominent guest speakers from the Council of Europe, Expert Ms. Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo, from the University of Latvia, Dr.eoc, Assoc. Professor Mr Viesturs Karnups and COE of “Via Hansa” group company Balticvision Riga Mr. Ēriks Lingebērziņš added a great value to the Conference in the way that at tourism one should look from scientific, historical and business angels and these sectors can support the sustainability of the cross border projects too.

A quote of the well-known American industrialist Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” can be served as a motto of the Programme, since all 50 projects supported by the Programme are working and will be working together till the end of 2014.  Tourism development projects like Via Hanseatica, Tour de Latgale and Pskov; as well camping tourism project “Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and Russia!” introduced their success stories with colourful examples.

Tuesday, 11th June – Open – Air Project Exhibition „Enjoy the Hansa Route through Latvia, Estonia and Russia!” about 420 participants of the Event and visitors and guests of Sigulda from all continents visited Via Hanseatica Tourism Route in one place – Castle of Livonian Order in Sigulda. Riga, Lemsal (Limbaži), Venden (Cēsis), Wolmar (Valmiera), Walk (Valka), Valga, Dorpat (Tartu), Narva and Ivangorod, as well Pleskau (Pskov) offered tourism information and interactive communication with visitors. Less known places as Türi (Estonia) distributed new book “From St. Petersburg to Tallinn by Train”. Folkgroup ”Auļi”, degustation, workshops, national costumes of Estonia, Latvia and Russia created a great atmosphere in the Castle of Livonian Order and attracted tourists from China, South Korea, South Africa, USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as local tourists from Latvia 18 projects, including 3 Large scale projects, participated in the Exhibition and showed to international audience their achievements.

The Programme territory is unique- location of the Hanseatic Cities, cities with Hansa communities from the past and the Hansa Cultural Route coincide with the new Via Hanseatica Tourism Route. The Route is also directly and indirectly promoted by all the other tourism projects supported within the Programme. This coverage provides an excellent platform to link heritage from the past with current opportunities in the field of tourism by promoting the entire Programme territory. In total 14, 5 million Euros have been awarded to support tourism development in South, North and East Estonia, Vidzeme and Latgale Regions in Latvia, as well in North-West Russia – Pskov and Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg.

Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme within ENPI 2007-2013 has been launched in 2010. The strategic objective of the Programme is promotion of joint development to improve competitiveness of the Region using its socio-economic potential and beneficial location on the cross roads of the EU and the Russian Federation. The specific objective is to make the wider border area an attractive place for both inhabitants and businesses through activities aimed at improving the living standards and investment climate.

Press Release_English, Estonian, Latvian and Russian.

Learn more about this great event in our Gallery of photographies of the Annual Event.

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