Contracting phase starts for first three Large Scale Projects
On 4 June 2012 the European Commission informed Joint Managing Authority regarding the results of consultation on the full applications for the Large Scale Projects ELR-LSP-1, 2 and 6. Applications of these projects „have been considered as admissible with regard to their feasibility, environmental impact and land ownership”. Thus applications are approved and contracting phase can start. All three Projects involve partners from Estonia and Russian Federation.

As informed before, full applications of these three Projects were sent to the European Commission by the end of April.

Full applications of ELR-LSP-3 and 4 were approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme by the beginning of June and have been sent to the European Commission already. ELR-LSP-4 involves partners from Latvia and Russian Federation.

ELR-LSP-5 will submit their full application by the end of August 2012.