Contracting of the 2nd Call Projects launched

On 12 April 2013 the first Grant Contract within the 2nd Call for Proposals for 198 000 euro of the Programme co-financing has been countersigned by the JMA of the Programme and Valga Town Government, Estonia by the Mayor of Valga Mr Kalev Hark in Riga, Latvia. Cross-border people to people sports project „Be good at sports through three countries” was accepted under the Priority 3 – promoting of people to people cooperation, Measure 3.2. – Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health.

The Project „Be good at sport” is aimed to encourage the co-operation of municipal  sports teams between Valka (Latvia), Valga (Estonia) and Novoedevyatkino (Russia) in volleyball, football and floorball. Development of floorball will be promoted and introduced in Novoedevyatkino by experts from Latvia and Estonia.

Valga Town Government will implement this Project together with Valka Municipality Council and Municipality Novoedevyatiskoe selskoe poselenie.

Total budget of the project is 220 000,00 euro.

Brief information you can find in the PORTFOLIO of the Project.