Colourful Brochure reflects on Programme’s Strategic Support to Near Border Areas

2nd Brochure of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme has been produced by the very end of the year 2013. Five Large Scale Projects are introduced within the book consisting of 112 colourful pages and reflecting present achievements, intermediate and expected final results. Large Scale Projects will finalise their activities by the end of the 2014. Apart the English as the official language of the Programme, this brochure includes sections also in Estonian, Latvian and Russian with an aim to reach more readers in each participating country of the Programme.

Many photos of the objects with regional importance and Project’s construction sites, valuable information on objectives and planned works, as well demonstration of intermediate results is widely reflected in the LSP brochure.

Distribution of 1500 exemplars of the brochure will begin in January 2014 and will continue throughout Programme events in year 2014 - 2015.

Internet version of the brochure, divided into four parts by languages has been published on the Programme’s website together with other publications and is available here.

Some of the LSP-3 „COMMON PEIPSI” and LSP-1 „SAFE ROAD” intermediate results are reflected in the latest Newsletter of the Programme.

Large scale cross-border project (Large Scale Project or LSP) is a strategic investment project contributing to socio-economic development of the whole cross-border area and having a strong political support at the national level. Large Scale Projects are comprising a set of works, activities or services intended to fulfil an indivisible function of a precise nature pursuing clearly identified objectives of common interest for the purposes of implementing cross-border investments.

In total EUR 26 096 744 of the Programme Grants are allocated to large scale projects. Additional financing, EUR 9 081 558 has been made available from the Estonian State budget to the projects with Estonian partners.

Information about Large Scale Projects can be looked up also in section Projects (last five) and specifically under Programme >> Large Scale Projects.