Closure of Projects and Demonstration of Achievements – planned Events of the Programme in 2014

 In accordance with the Information and Visibility Plan of the Programme for the year 2014, which was approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Programme on 11 December 2013, several Events will be organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme in Estonia, Latvia and Russia in the year 2014.  In the first half of the year 3 identical 2-day seminars related to the closure of Projects and Final Reporting will be organized in Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

Seminars for Beneficiaries and partners:
26-27 February, Puhajarve, Estonia
19-20 March, Pskov, Russia
9-10 April, Cēsis, Latvia

Annual Event of the Programme this year will be devoted to promotion of achievements of the Programme and thematically will focus on Large Scale Projects and standard projects involving border crossing and local infrastructure components, thus capitalisation of the Priority I will be completed.

Important horizontal theme of the Event is cross border support to children. Year 2014 is announced as ‘the Children Year’ by the Governor of the Leningrad Region and Projects directly or indirectly supporting children and young people will participate in the Project Exhibition.
3-4 June, Gatchina Palace, Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

Achievements of the Programme are going to be presented during International Cross Border Cooperation Conference among the Russian Federation, European Union and Norway in September, St.Petersburg, Russia.

For the third time communication action of the European Commission “European Cooperation Day 2014”will be organized in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. In joint work activity and together with flagship project “Preserve not to lose” 3 similar local public actions will be organized on 21 September and surrounding dates in Balvi (Latvia), Sangaste (Estonia) and Dedovichi (Russia).
Other two flagship projects for additional promotion during the European Cooperation Day 2014, supported by the Joint Monitoring Committee in December 2013, are Business Heritage and LSG Development.