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CCF: New football wave in near border regions of Estonia and Russia – two years project brings improved relations and football infrastructure

Estonian football youth championships (in boys B1, B2, C2 and girls B and C leagues) during the seasons of 2012 and 2013 hosted and involved Pechory, Russia, youth football teams within the cross border sports project "Cross Countries through Football". In addition, two youth football tournaments were organised in new football ground in Narva and FC Tartu youth team had a training camp at renovated Pechory stadium. The president of Estonian FA, Aivar Pohlak, stressed cultural dimension "Many people in Pechory have family or cultural connections in Estonia. Our task is to give a chance to these people to participate also in Estonian football."

The project started in 2012 and lasted until the end of May in 2014. A new artificial football turf was installed in Narva Kalevi stadium while the grass pitch in Pechory received a new natural football lawn. Nikolai Burdakov, the president of Narva football club Trans, stated that the improvement of football conditions in Estonian border town was highly anticipated already for many years. "I would like to thank Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation programme, Estonian FA and the City of Narva for their efforts, which have made it possible to play and train football all year long in Narva now," said Burdakov.

The know-how of Estonian football was forwarded to colleagues in Pechory - Estonian coaches organised a coaching lesson and example training and other two coaches participated in the youth summer camp in Pechory.

A practical football exercise book is issued in Estonian and Russian languages.

Dmitri Sopotov, the sports administrator of  Pechory region: "This crossborder project brought a new football wave to Pechory. The renovated grass pitch has attracted more youngsters to play football and the coaching lesson delivered by Estonian coaches was a big help and motivation for our coaches and teachers."

Estonian Football Association, Narva JK Trans and the Administration of  Pechory implemented a two-year project "Cross Countries through Football", which helped to improve football infrastructure in Narva (Estonia) and in Pechory (Russia).

The project was supported by Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 in the amount of 299 342,25€, which covered 90% of project costs.


More information: Siim Juks, project manager, tel +372 51 78 198,

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