AAC: Seminar on ancient jewelry in Cēsis, Latvia

On January 15, pupils from Aluksnes district went to the ancient jewelery forge. The seminar was organized by the Project "Archaeology, Authority and Community: Cooperation to protect archaeological heritage" (AAC) for the pupils, who have an active interest and understanding of history.

The jeweler Daumants Kalnins for the first time in the history of the experimental archeology made the ancient jewelry the object of scientific research and experiments. He emphasized that the task is to show antiques in real use, as they were when they were made and worn. To do so, he carefully studied many ancient samples and looking for a technical solution, found out wearing traditions and meaning. In order to understand the story of ancient jewelry, he studied carefully  folklore materials and ancient principles of magic practices.

Jeweler provided to the participants an opportunity to dress up ancient Latgalians women’s honor dress and jewelry set and presented different ornaments and articles.

Memorable moments of the seminar:



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