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AAC: ARCHAEOLOGY, AUTHORITY & COMMUNITY: Cooperation to protect archaeological heritage

During the 32 months of its implementation the Project “Archaeology, Authority and Community: co-operation to protect archaeological heritage” focused on the preservation of archaeological heritage in the border areas of Estonia, Latvia and Russia,  on developing communication and cooperation between archaeologists of the three countries, and on raising public awareness about the importance of protection of archaeological heritage. The Project, lead by the University of Tartu, joined nine organizations from 3 countries.


Project produced four large cross-border archaeological databases (about bibliography, collections, archive materials and monuments). The Project activities included large-scale field inventories of archaeological sites in all three countries, as well as 17 rescue excavations. As a result of field work, a big amount of new archaeological information has been harvested, and is preserved for future studies. The situation of archaeological finds has improved thanks to collection inventories, conservation, assessment of archaeological documentation and repair works in the conservation laboratory in Pskov, as well as improvement of storage facilities in Riga. Thanks to this, the preservation of finds for further archaeological research and their potential exhibiting in museums or exhibitions was ensured.


In Aluksne museum a new room for researchers was established.

Project held many information days and seminars directed to the general public as well as to specific target groups, like teachers, officials of local municipalities and legal detectorists.

Through the Project tourist routes in all three countries were developed, new exposition was made in the Aluksne museum and new workshops were developed in Ludza museum. These activities took place to promote these particular places as well as the whole region as an attractive and interesting tourist destination.

To increase public interest towards archaeology, the Project produced series of popular booklets in all three countries, published books about archaeology in Estonia and Latvia and released different other publications. In Estonia the annual archaeological journal ”Tutulus” was published and the construction of Viking Age farmstead was continued in Rõuge.


As a result of the cooperation between specialists from Estonia, Latvia and Russia new organization “Cross-border Network to Protect Archaeological Heritage” has been established, which will hopefully lead to further collaboration in the fields of archaeology and heritage protection.

Total cost of the project was EUR 1 714 516. Co-financing by Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme EUR 1 520 731 and partner`s contribution EUR 193 785.

Information is prepared and photos provided by Ms Maria Smirnova, Project Manager of University of Tartu.

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