Today is Tuesday, 2024.06.25

“MAGIC OF CBC”. Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme Celebrated Cross Border Cooperation with its Final Regional Event in Estonia

First day of the event hold in Tartu Vanemuine Concert Hall put focus on achievements, results and challenges of cross border cooperation within Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme 2007-2013 with a special attention to Programme Measure 2.1. Joint actions aimed at protection of environment and natural resources as well presented actual information about future Estonia-Russia and Latvia-Russia CBC Programmes.


Words of welcome were delivered by Mayor of Tartu city Mr Urmas Klaas. He accented that benefit of cross-border cooperation in framework of Estonia-Latvia-Russia programme is well notable also in Tartu and a boat harbour on the riverbank Emajõgi built in frame of project “Common Peipsi” is like a hand stretched out to friends, pointing at our joint efforts, at the flow of life itself.


Representatives of National Authorities of the Programme Mr Priidu Ristkok (Estonia), Ms Ilze Krieva (Latvia) and Ms Angelina Stebakova (Russia) have expressed in their speech the significance of current cooperation in development of  the border regions of three countries.


Lecture about different types of borders and the role of borderlines in animal associations was presented by recognised Estonian zoologist Mr Aleksei Turovski.


Interview with Estonian partners of six CBC projects brought up  experiences, achievements and challenges faced by project implementers during the cooperation.


Ms Unda Ozolina, Head of Joint Technical Secretariat of the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme presented outcomes of projects’ self-evaluation questionnaire


Valuable insight to new opportunities for the cross border cooperation till the year 2020 was given by representatives of expected Managing Authorities of two future bilateral CBC programmes  Ms Julia Koger for Estonia-Russia  and Ms Jelena Pastuškova for  Latvia-Russia CBC Programme. Priorities of regions for future cooperation were brought up by Ms Jana Pavlenkova and Mr Andrey Mikheev. Inspiring exercise encouraging partnership and networking was presented by Mr Harald Lepisk.


Estonian musician Mr Silver Sepp and illusionist Mr Jürgen Vebber illustrated the day with performances full of magic and mystery.


Outstanding projects and project partners from Estonia were highlighted during Programme official awarding ceremony hold in Ahhaa Science Centre.



On the second day of the event project site visits in Tartu and Räpina presented actual outcomes of cross-border cooperation projects financed by the Estonia-Latvia-Russia Programme.
Joint visit to Tartu Environmental Education Centre, Tartu Karlova Boat Harbour, Räpina Centre for Creative Industries and Räpina Boat Harbour was carried out. It offered opportunities for participants to acquire new ideas, strengthen existing and conclude new cooperation contact.







Altogether 50 cross-border cooperation projects have been supported by the ENPI Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC Programme 2007-2013 with the overall budget of 58,89 MEUR involving 241 partners from three countries.

Photos by Ardo Kaljuvee

 GALLERY of the event.

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