Seminar Downloads

Seminar for Large Scale Projects Beneficiaries and Partners, 14-15 May, Pskov (Russia)

Legal Framework of the ENPI CBC Projects

Grant Contract and its Annexes

Eligibility of expenditure:
General Rules;
- Eligibe Costs. 

National requirements for Project implementation in Russia

Procurement rules:
General principles;
- National requirements. 

Technical and Financial management

Financial Report;
- Narrative Report.

Expenditure verification:
General Rules;
- Monitoring.



Consultations on Large Scale Projects (30.11. - Riga (Latvia), 6.12. - Tartu (Estonia), 7.12. - Pskov (Russia)


1. General information on LSP  (prepared by Mr. Aleksey Saforostov, PM JTS) - English and Russian;

2. Application Form (prepared by Iveta Puzo, PM JTS) - English;

3.  Key expert Dzmitry Korbut, INTERACT


     Procurement: Overview and General rules;

     Environmental Impact Assesment;

     Feasibility study;

     Technical specification in Russian