Seminar_Beneficiaries and Partners_Final Reporting and Closure of the Project_February_March_April


1. Visibility of the Programme (requirements, mistakes leading to ineligible costs, evidences, results)

2. Partnership (chalenges, good practices)

3. Contractual obligations (Changes (minor, addendums))

4. Transfer of assets

5. On-spot visits

6. Projects involvement in the Programme Annual Event in Gatchina

7. Projects involvement in the European Cooperation Day 2014

8. Construction Works

9. Recovery

10. Final reporting:

- Narrative (indicators, results, outputs, etc.)

- Financial (payments in project, planning)

- Balance payment


Transfer of Ownership of Assets, ANNEX IX

Information sheet on transfer of Ownership of Assets

Information on what is checked during on-spots

Example on correct use of Exchange rate to report costs for preparation of Final Report for Russian Federation partners

Form of the Final Report with Guiding Questions