Support for Partners

National support for Latvian Partners

In order to encourage Latvian partners in the implementation of joint projects within European Territorial Cooperation Programmes 2007-2013, including Estonia-Latvia–Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013, special mechanism of financial support from Latvian State Budget is established for approved projects with signed Grant Contracts.

5% national co-financing of Project Partner total project budget for:
Municipalities and their established organizations;
Municipality and state enterprises;
Non-governmental organizations.

Application for 5% national co-financing should be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Republic of Latvia (the MEPRD) once and within 3 months after signing of the Grant Contract. The MEPRD evaluates the application and takes the decision on the allocation of national co-financing. After signing of Financing Agreement on national-co-financing with the relevant project partner, the MEPRD transfers advance payment 90% of allocated amount and remaining 10% - when project final report is verified by the audit.

N.B.!: Each Project Partner (within each Project) who would like to receive national co-financing should apply separately in accordance with relevant national framework and procedure.

Legal framework for State Budget financing:
Rules of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No.890 “Procedure on the allocation of State Budget resources to European Union Structural Fund Objective 3 “European Territorial Co-operation” Programmes and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument Programmes beneficiaries from the Republic of Latvia” (Approved on 11 August 2009.)

Have You any particular questions on 5% support, please contact directly Irina Brasle, ph. +371 67026462,!