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  • Grant Contract – point. 7.2.7. – what does it mean providing information? – should emails of important communication be printed out?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:14:34

    YES, in case the data is lost, evidence of communication will be saved. So most important emails must be kept also in printed.

  • Earnings from interest rate – can they be considered as revenue?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:13:48

    No, all earnings should be put in the Action, in order to reduce costs.

  • How it is possible to influence the partnership?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-13 16:13:16

    Partnership Agreement is the legal document that regulates and should stipulate issues among partners. Partners may inform JTS and the Lead partner.

  • Can the commission for the bank transfer be regarded as a part of co-financing

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:12:49

    No, co-financing ir source of financing, but bank transfer fee ir a cost of the project. 90% (in general) of such costs can be covered by Programme financing and 10% partners co-financing. For making these costs eligible first, they have to be budgeted and foreseen in project budget. Second, these are expenses under the budget heading – other costs and external services.

  • Is it possible to reallocate budget between project partners? /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-13 15:35:23

    Such reallocations are not recommended but are possible. If reallocation is planned, it must be secured that the budget is balanced and corresponds the activities and tasks each project partner has undertaken to do and do not change the project objectives and results as indicated in the Concept Note.

  • Is it possible to add/drop partners proposed in the Concept Note? /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-08-13 15:34:32

    Such changes in the partnership are not allowed.

  • If external audit report is not required by the national legislation for a project partner, what documents and in what language have to be submitted? /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    2012-08-13 15:33:54

    The partner organization/institution submits its own statement in English that the report is not required by national legislation with a reference to corresponding legal act.

  • Is it possible to change partners of the project? /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    2012-08-13 15:32:46

    Changes in the partnership are not allowed. The proposed partnership for the implementation of the project was evaluated by the Joint Selection Committee and approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee and cannot be changed.

  • Are changes in the budget possible?
    /submission of FAF under the 2nd Call for Proposals/

    Budget and finances
    2012-08-13 15:31:56

    Changes in the budget up to 20% are allowed, yet, they are also not recommended. However, when considering such changes the principle of economy, efficiency and effectiveness has to be observed, there must be a real justification for the necessity of changes.

  • Is it nessesary to make Partner's contribution every reporting period in equal shares or we can make it at any time during the Project?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-09 10:02:43

    There is no demand to provide co-financing in equal shares every reporting period. Each project partner has to contribute its co-financing before the balance payment is made by the Contracting Authority. It means that the project partner decides which part of its co-financing to provide and when. If the partner does not provide the full of its co-financing before the balance payment, the respective amount will be deducted from the balance payment.

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