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  • Is it allowed to report the value of in-kind contribution (e.g. unpaid voluntary work) that is not foreseen in the initial project budget?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:26:51

    Yes, it is possible, but will require initiating procedures for amendment of the Grant Contract.

  • Does the rule of origin apply to construction works?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:26:21

    The rule of origin applies to ALL supplies and materials purchased, incl. the materials to be used for the construction, but does not apply to Contractor’s equipment to be used during the construction.

  • Are the costs of compensation of loss, financial penalties and expenses of litigation arising upon organisation of public procurement as well as for caused with the award or amendment of a public contract eligible?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:25:46

    Fines, financial penalties and expenses of litigation are ineligible .

  • How to count working time?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:25:12

    It should be done in accordance with the national legislation.

  • Should all the electronically signed supporting documents be printed out and signed by hand for records and archiving?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:24:47

    It should be done in accordance with the national legislation.

  • Is it needed to provide JTS/JMA with the supporting documents of overheads?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:24:15

    It is not needed due to administrative costs are calculated on percentage or pro rata basis according to justified and clear method approved by the JMC prior signing the grant contract. However, supporting documents might be requested by the auditors to verify the eligibility of the respective costs.

  • Should the timesheet be indicative?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:23:24

    The timesheet should provide short description of performance of the project staff and comments (if relevant). External Experts and volunteers should also use the Programme timesheet template .

  • Please clarify the methodology for setting the units for the cost items for staff costs in the Grant Application Form?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:22:57

    Please insert the number of full items into the table, e.g. if project bookkeeper is working 50% of his full time for the project with the duration of 18 months, the number of units should be 9 months, and the percentage of involvement should be indicated in the description of the costs (e.g. bookkeeper 18 months x 0.5). See the Instructions how to fill Application Form on the Programme website.

  • Should the auditor examine whether the costs declared by the Beneficiary and the project partner(s) correspond to the amounts specified in the respective Activity Packages of the Grant Application Form?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:21:57

    In the narrative report the results should be listed and their quantification should be provided for all of the Activity Packages.

  • Should all the project partners have an auditor?

    Project implementation
    2012-08-13 16:21:15

    The Beneficiary shall designate an auditor that shall examine whether costs declared by the Beneficiary are real, exact, accurate and eligible in accordance with the Grant Contract. The project partner(s) in cooperation with the Beneficiary are responsible for designation of the partner’s auditor(s) – either one per all partners located in the respective Programme Participating Country or one per each project partner or one per the project.

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