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  • In the Guidelines it is used terms applicant and beneficiary, what is the difference between them?

    2010-10-07 15:53:27

    According with ENPI Implementing Rules the body which signs a grant contract with the Contracting Authority and which assumes full legal and financial responsibility for project implementation vis-à-vis that authority, is called ‘Beneficiary’. Until the grant contract is signed, anybody that submits a proposal is called ‘Applicant’.

  • Are there restrictions for SME partner on project or partner level?

    2010-10-07 15:44:56

    The restrictions (50% co-financing rate and max grant of 200 000 EUR) apply to SMEs involved as partners in the projects under Priority 1.

  • When the information seminars on the Programme will take place?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:44:10

    The information seminars aiming to provide information on the Programme‘s requirements are organised in the eligible regions of Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Detailed time schedule of information events is available on the Programme website.

  • How long will the 2nd Call for proposals be open?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:43:31

    The second Call for Proposals has been opened on 10 January 2012 and the deadline for submission of Applications is 27 February 2012.

  • What is the maximum duration of a project?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:42:58

    Maximum project duration is 24 months.

  • What is the official working language of the Programme?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:40:47

    The official working language of the Programme is English. Concept Note and in second phase the Full Application shall be filled in English, Grant Contracts shall be concluded in English, all official documentation and communication related to the implementation of projects should be in English. Interpretation and translation costs foreseen during the project implementation can be included in the budget of the project.

  • What is the minimum and maximum grant which can be requested for a project?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:39:40

    The following minimum and maximum amounts of ENPI grants have been set:
    Priority 1: Socio-economic development - min EUR 50 000 - max EUR 1 000 000;
    Priority 2: Common challenges - min EUR 50 000 - max EUR 1 000 000;
    Priority 3: Promotion of people to people cooperation - min EUR 10 000 - max EUR 200 000.

  • How much money is allocated for the 2nd Call for Proposals?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:38:48

    The overall indicative amount made available from the Programme under the 2nd Call for Proposals is about 6 million EUR.

  • Where the project partners can come from?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:38:16

    The eligible territories of the Programme are following:
    • Estonia are Kirde-Eesti, Lõuna-Eesti, Kesk-Eesti; adjoining area: Põhja-Eesti;
    • Latvia - Latgale, Vidzeme; adjoining areas: Riga City and Pieriga;
    • Russia - Leningrad oblast, Pskov oblast, St. Petersburg City.

  • What are the Programme’s priorities?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2010-10-07 15:37:17

    There are three priorities under the Programme:
    1. Socio-economic development - including strategic development of border region’s competitiveness through support to business and labour market development, improvements in communication networks and exploring region’s potential for tourism as well as maintaining efficient and safe borders.
    2. Common challenges – aiming to address common problems, initiating and continuing joint actions in the areas of common interest on both sides of the border.
    3. Promotion of people to people cooperation - focusing on small scale activities for improving cooperation of the border region supporting wide range of activities which have been identified as being of crucial importance to a more integrated region.

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