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  • What is the procedure of project financing - are the financial resources first transferred to Russian partners and from them to other partners? Is there a possibility to have the financial resources transferred straight from the EC?

    Project implementation
    2012-02-06 10:54:13

    In accordance with GLfGA the financial resources are first transferred to the Beneficiary and then it is Beneficiary's duty to transfer the resources to the partners.

  • Do applicants from Programme area and Programme adjoining have different requirements? What are they?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-02-06 10:53:38

    The requirements are the same.

  • Can a project incorporate 2 Programme priorities?

    Filling in and submission of the Concept Note
    2012-02-06 10:53:13

    When filling in the Full Application Form, it will be possible to indicate only one priority.

  • Are the financial resources divided proportionally among the priorities?

    Budget and finances
    2012-02-06 10:52:39

    There is no proportionality among the priorities. The overall indicative amount made available from the Programme under this Call for Proposals is EUR 6,014,639.00.
    The Joint Monitoring Committee reserves the right not to award all available funds.

  • What is meant with Measure 1.2 "Transport, logistics and communication solutions"?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-02-06 10:51:57

    Measure 1.2 Transport, logistics and communication solutions
    The Programme area is covered by a dense network of roads and railways. However, their poor condition and lack of border crossing facilities as well as public transport connection across the border hinders mobility of the population of the region and smooth flow of cargos across the area. The use of waterways and air connections within the Programme area is underdeveloped and needs further improvements in connections and services. The measure includes directions of support aimed and development of transport corridors, related infrastructure and public transportation routes as well as information infrastructure that would contribute to improvement of accessibility of the region. Both investments and soft projects shall be eligible.
    Directions of support:
    - Development of transport corridors and small-scale infrastructure (improvement of road, rail, water and air networks and services)
    - Planning and development of border–related infrastructure (parking areas, facilities for various services of interest for travelers both - tourists and truck drivers, recreation areas etc.)
    - Development of new cross-border public transportation routes and services
    - Development of information infrastructure and services, creation of joint information facilities.

  • What were the most common mistakes of the project applications for the 1st Call?

    Filling in and submission of the Concept Note
    2012-02-06 10:51:30

    Technical mistakes, incorrect information, unconvincing partnership, unbalanced partnership, not enough justified project idea, applicants had not taken into consideration.

  • How many project proposals were submitted during the 1st Call and how many were approved?

    Project implementation
    2012-02-06 10:50:37

    226 proposals were submitted and 25 were approved.

  • In case a project proposal was rejected due to formal requirements that do not comply with the legislation of Latvia at the first call, can it be submitted once more?

    Filling in and submission of the Concept Note
    2012-02-06 10:49:55

    This is a Restricted Call for Proposals. In the first instance, only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, Applicants, whose Concept Notes have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form. Further to Administrative Check and Quality Evaluation of the Full Application Forms,
    an Eligibility Verification will be performed for those which are provisionally selected.2.2.1 Submission of the Concept Note
    In order to apply for the grant, applicants first have to fill in the Concept Note. Form of the Concept Note is available for download at the Programme’s website:
    Upon submitting the concept note in if approved also the Full Application Form one should note that there might be required some documents to be submitted, even though the legislation of Latvia do not deem them as required.

  • In case an association has little financial resources but its members have sufficient resources, can it still apply to be a partner in a project? How can it be done? Should the resources of all members of association be indicated?

    Budget and finances
    2012-02-06 10:49:00

    Yes, it can be. At the stage of submission of concept note there is no need to indicate the financial resources of separate members of association. It should be done with submission of full application form.

  • According to the Programme, 20% of the projects' budget can be spent in the adjoining areas. Do these 20% refer to each project or the whole Programme?

    Basic programme rquirements
    2012-02-06 10:47:47

    According to GLfGA Section 1.4. The Programme funding may up to a limit of 20% be used for financing of expenditure incurred by the project partner(s) from adjoining areas in Estonia and Latvia. Please note that participation of the project partners from adjoining areas should bring a clear benefit to the border regions of the Programme.
    According to GLfGA Section Up to 20% of the Programme funding may be used for financing of expenditure incurred by the project partners from adjoining territories in the Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Latvia. Please note that participation of the project partners from adjoining areas should bring a clear benefit to the border regions of the Programme.

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