T & L: Project Conference in Malnava, Latvia

Event type
Project Event

Date of the event
10 October, 2014

Place of the event
Malnava college (Assembly Hall, Old Manor House), Malnava, p/n Vītoli, Karsava County, LV-5750, Latvia

Title of the event
Project Conference

Short description of the event
Final public event of ELRII-285 project with presentations of the project results and benefits made by all the project partners (Malnava College, Pskov Agrotechnical  College and Academic Park), official launching ceremony of the improved vocation training programme in Vehicle Transport, new study module in Logistics, Distance Learning tool, new equipped Motor Vehicle electronics testing laboratory.

In addition to mentioned above, Long-term cooperation agreement to be signed between Project partners - Malnava College and Pskov Agrotechnical College to foster cooperation and partnership between academic staff of the colleges: exchange of teachers, students, placements, experience  exchange, elaboration of new joint cross border initiatives.

Contact person of event:
Mr Viktors Indričāns, ELRII-285 Project Manager, Deputy Director of Malnava College
phone: +371 29421023
e-mail 1: viktors.indricans@malnava.lv
e-mail 2: vindricans@inbox.lv