Seminar for the Beneficiaries and Partners of the Large Scale Projects in Pskov, Russia, 14-15 May 2012

Event type
Information seminar

Date of the event
14-15 May 2012

Place of the event
Heliopark Old Estate, Verkhne-Beregovaya Street 1 B, Pskov, Russia

Draft Agenda

Title of the event

"Programme requirements for project implementation"

Short description of the event
Beneficiaries and partners of the Large Scale Projects will be introduced  in detail with Programme requirements in order to ensure sucess in overall implementation of the Project and preparation of reports. RCBI, INTERACT and JTS experts will provide presentations on key issues - legal framework, contractual obligations, eligibility of expenditure, specific requirements for implementation in Russian Federation, Procurement rules and individual consultations.

Contact person of the event
Information Manager - Ekaterina Moskaleva, Project Manager for LSP - Aleksejs Šaforostovs

Contact phone
 + 7 81 12 79 40 54;  +371 6750 9522

Additional information about the event
Registration will continue till 11 May 2012