Seminar for 2nd Call Beneficiaries and Patners in Pskov, Russian Federation on 23-24 April, 2013

Event type
Information seminar

Date of the event
23-24 April 2013

Place of the event
Hotel "Dvor Podznoeva", Nekrasova str 1B,
Pskov, Russia

Invitation and Agenda in English

Invitation and Agenda in Russian

Title of the event
"Programme requirements for project implementation"

Short description of the event
Beneficiaries and partners of the 2nd Call projects will be introduced in detail with Programme requirements in order to ensure smooth reporting and overall implementation of the Project. JTS staff will provide presentations on all key issues for successful start and implementation of the project.

Contact person of the event
Information Manager - Anna Filatova

+ 7 81 12 79 40 54

Additional information about the event

Translation from English to Russian will be provided.

Please see detailed information about transport. Meeting point and request for personal information.  

Deadline for the registration is 19 April 2013!