LOGONTRAIN: Participation in "Logistics Seminar 2014" in Narva, Estonia

Event type
Project Event

Date of the event
6 - 7 march, 2014

Place of the event
Narva College of the University of Tartu, Raekoja Plats, 2, Narva, Estonia.

Title of the event
Logistics Seminar 2014 - "Tradition or Innovation?"

Short description of the event
The Project "Logistics and Overland Transport Network for training "Blue Collars" (LogOnTrain) will take part in the 14th "Logistics Seminar", organized by Tallinn University of Applied Sciences in Narva, Estonia. The  main subject  of this year's seminar is “Tradition or innovation?”  The first Logistics seminar was held thirteen years ago. By now it has shaped into one of Estonia’s most recognised events in the field.

The main goals of the event:

* To share topical information between businesses, lecturers and students
* To create partner relationships
* To give an opportunity to find new trainees/employees
* To popularize the speciality 

Additional information about the event