GREEN HERITAGE: Final Conference of the Project in Gulbene, Latvia
Event type
Project Event

Date of the event
23 October, 2014

Place of the event
Vecgulbene Manor, Gulbene, Latvia

Title of the event
Final Conference "Green Heritage"

Short description of the event
The Project "Regeneration of Parks as Integral Part of Historical Heritage" (Green Heritage) will organize its Final Conference of the same name in Gulbene, Latvia, to present the development of the Project in Latvia, Estonia and Russia and its achievements. It is planned to offer to the audience of the event presentations of the best practice in manor and surrounding parks management, development and involvement in tourism activities.

Contact person of the event
Ratis Sijats

Additional information about the event
Agenda of the event in Latvian
Working languages – Latvian, Russian and English with translation to English and Russian.