European Cooperation Day: Participation of the Programme in the International Innovation Forum in St. Petersburg

Event type
Programme Event

Date of the event
1 - 3 October, 2014

Place of the event
Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, Bolshoy pr. V.O. 103, pavilion 7, St. Petersburg, Russia

Title of the event

Short description of the event
More than seventy congress meetings accompanied by the large scale exhibition attract leading persons of Russian and foreign science and education, venture capital financing, industry, state authorities.
The main purpose of the Forum is to establish open dialogue with the focus on solving strategic challenges of innovative development of Russian economy.

The Forum programme includes:
– Promotion of innovative products
– Finding new partners and clients
– Conducting negotiations and business meetings
– Professional development
– Participation in discussions with leading experts from various countries.

The dedicated exhibition zone “St.Petersburg Global Partners” includes 2 special exhibition boots demonstrating results of the innovation focused projects supported by Cross-border cooperation programmes Estonia – Latvia - Russia and South Finland – Russia implemented in the framework of the European Neighborhood Partnership Programme 2007-2013

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