European Cooperation Day 2014: Joint open event in Dedovichi, Russia, on 25 September

Event type
Open Programme/Project Event

Date of the event
25 September, 2014

Place of the event
Dedovichi District Central Library - United Centre of Cultural Heritage, 182710, Pionerskaja str., 10, Dedovichi
Village Knjazhi Gorki, Dedovichi District, Pskov Region,

Title of the event
Joint clean-up activity

Short description of the event
Joint clean-up work in the park around old manor of Knjazhi Gorki, preserving the history of the historic place and opening of the newly established Centre of Cultural Heritage in Dedovichi will celebrate the European Cooperation Day - 2014.


Contact person of the event
Larisa Jegorova,

Contact phone
+7 911 366036 39
+7 81136 93 904
+7 81136 93 163