ECDay: Opening of the new football ground
Event type
Project event

Date of the event
21 September, 13.00

Place of the event
City Stadium, Alleynaya Str., 4a, Pechory, Russia

Title of the event
Opening of the new football ground

Short description of the event
The opening of the new football ground will be followed by a football match between the young sportsmen of Tartu Football Club and Pechory team. The organizers of the event prepared an entertainment programme for the participating sportsmen and visitors.

Additional information about the event
The match between young sportsmen will contribute to the chain of events marking the European Cooperation Day 2013.  The event is organised by the Project "Cross Countries through Football". The overall objective of the Project is to encourage cooperation between the young people of European and neighbouring countries of border region thus fostering mutual understanding, popularising sports activities and healthy life style.