Capitalisation and Communication seminar for Communication and Project Managers in St.Petersburg, Russia on 26 March, 2013

Event type

Date of the event
26 March 2013

Place of the event
Congress Centre “Petrocongress”, 2nd floor
Lodeynopolskayaul. 5, metro station “Chkalovskaya”
St.Petersburg, Russia

Title of the event
Capitalisation and Communication

Agenda - English and Russian

Short description of the event
The seminar is aimed to improve the visibility and marketing of the first results and achievements of supported Projects through capitalisation and photography as one of the ways of capitalisation, as well to introduce Programme events as an opportunity to promote the Project to wider public.

Contact person of the event
Sergey Balanev, Information Manager of JTS Branch Office in St.Petersburg

Contact phone
+ 7 812 325 83 51

Additional information about the event
Seminar is for the Beneficiaries and Partners from Russia and will be presented in Russian.
NOTE - A bus from Pskov will be organized for partners of Pskov.  
Please bring your cameras with you, they will be needed during the workshop!