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22 September 2012 ECDAY: Route guide opening celebration in „Meža salas”, Limbažu district, Latvia
Popularisation of 2 new tourism routes (Project "Enjoy the best") from Jūrmala accross Latvia, all Estonia - till St.Petersburg accros lake Ladoga. Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: Opening of Traffic Educational Parks, Kārsava, Latvia, Rēzekne, Latvia, Krasnogorodsk, Russia and Voru, Estonia
Opening of Traffic Educational Park in Karsava, Rezekne, Krasnogorodsk,  Võru .Visits of police man in animal costumes in schools. Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: European Cooperation Day lecture in Valmiera, Latvia
Cross-border cooperation in theory (Programme level) and in practice (Project level) will be introduced to students’ audience. Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: European Cooperation Day The border unites in Narva River riversides near Narva and Ivangorod fortresses, Estonia and Russia
Joint competition of children creative works and other activities both sides of the border. Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: S!GULDA THRILLS AND COOPERATES in Sigulda, Latvia
Inform people about all the cross-border projects Sigulda is involved into by combining different types of activities Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: Concert and sports event in Strazdumuiža boarding school, Riga, Latvia
Musical and sports activities for pupils. Read more
21 September 2012 ECDAY: Information event in Räpina municipality government building, Põlva county, Estonia
An information desk will opened in the Räpina municipality government building on 21th of September, where the activities and expected results of the cross-border cooperation project ELRI-016 "Promoting Heritage" will be introduced Read more
20 September 2012 ECDAY: Girls Football Match in Pechory Municipal football stadium, Russia
Girls football match will be held in the evening of 20th September at the Pechory municipal football staduim. Read more
20 September 2012 ECDAY: „Exploring the history of narrow gauge railway” - Public lecture in Türi Joint Gymnasium, Estonia
EHNGR project  team organises a public lecture on a wide variety of narrow gauge railway history related topics and aimed at students of Türi Joint Gymnasium. Read more
17 September 2012 ECDAY: Traffic safety campaign "Father, mother and me - protected family!" in Rezekne Catolic secondary school, Rēzekne, Latvia
Pupils from Rezekne Catolic secondary school will be involved in traffic safety activities. Read more